11 Best Hot Tub Accessories Trending This Year

Finding exciting new hot tub accessories to add to your home spa can be a great way to elevate your backyard further while maximizing your relaxation.

Your hot tub is an amazing addition to your home from day one, and while you can relax under the warm water and experience an exceptional massage, there are some accessories that can make your spa sessions even more enjoyable.

If you’ve been wondering how to upgrade your hot tub for the new year, here are the best hot tub accessories of the year!

11 Trending Hot Tub Accessories of The Year

Hot tub accessories come in many different styles, with some being more functional while others simply aim to boost your typical experience.

Curious about the trending hot tub accessories making a splash this year? Keep reading!

Basic Hot Tub Accessories

Spa Steps

If your hot tub is installed above ground, you’ll need steps to make getting in and out easy.

Many dealerships sell steps that match your spa’s cabinet, making them a flawless addition to your hot tub. For something that adds a pop of color, you can purchase a set of steps in another color that compliments your cabinet.

If you want something more substantial, you could consider building steps to lead up to your spa or adding some natural stones around its cabinet to create a rustic stairway.

Make your steps even more appealing by adding some gentle underlighting to them. This will make them easy to use at night while adding a touch of elegance to them.

A Cover

Your hot tub cover is an essential part of your spa and should never be forgotten.

Not only does your cover maintain your water temperature, but it also saves you money on your energy bills. When you have a well-fitting cover, and you keep it on anytime you’re not using your spa, you’ll be able to easily keep your water warm and minimize heat loss.

This drastically minimizes the work your heater needs to do to maintain your water temperature, keeping your energy bills low.

Your cover also helps protect your water from the outside elements. If your water is exposed to rain or snow for long periods of time, your sanitizing products can deteriorate, leaving you with unbalanced water.

Not only that, but your water will also have excess debris and dirt being blown into it, making your filters work harder to keep your water clean. This can result in a tedious maintenance routine and end with you spending more money on water treatment products long-term.

Spa Pillows

While your hot tub will come with pillows, over time, they’ll deteriorate from the constant exposure to the chemicals in your water and the moisture under your cover.

Every four or five years, you’ll find your pillows will need to be replaced. While some hot tub models come with fairly comfortable pillows, there are some impressive alternatives that you can pair with your hot tub to make your soak even more luxurious.

If you enjoy leaning back and having your head and neck well supported by a soft, form-fitting pillow, investing in an alternative style may be worth considering.

An Umbrella

Protecting both you and your water from the sun during mid-afternoon soaks is essential. Not only do you want to avoid getting a burn, but you don’t want your sanitizing products to deteriorate under the sun’s harsh UV rays.

Using an umbrella can help reduce the direct sunlight that hits your water, ensuring your treatment products don’t get broken down as quickly during any daytime spa sessions.

These modern umbrellas come with heavy set bases to ensure it’s well supported no matter the weather, so you can be confident it won’t topple over and damage your spa.

These umbrellas are a great way to add to the aesthetic of your backyard as well. Choose a bright color to add an eye-catching element to your space, or opt for a pristine white one to give your backyard a modern, chic appeal.

A Floating Thermometer

Make monitoring your water temperature easy by using a floating thermometer in your hot tub.

Before jumping into your spa, it’s important to check the temperature of your water. This ensures that you don’t climb into water that’s gotten too hot or that’s icy cold.

This can also help you proactively monitor your spa for any potential issues. Fluctuations in your water temperature are a telltale sign that something in your system isn’t working the way it should be, such as your filters or heating element.

A floating thermometer makes tracking your water temperature simple, helping you catch issues early and keeping you from an unexpected spa experience.

Hot Tub Accessories to Elevate Your Spa Session

A Fluffy Robe

Including a comfortable, warm robe in your hot tub arsenal can help make every spa session enjoyable, even in the middle of winter.

Using a robe can help keep you warm as you leave the water and hurry back inside to escape the sudden cold. They’re also a great way to continue the comfort after you’ve left the water, wrapping around you to provide a small amount of gentle compression and warmth.

Hot tub Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy products are amazing for promoting better well-being, and when added to your hot tub, can maximize the positive effects you experience.

Not all aromatherapy products are safe to use in a hot tub, such as essential oils and bath bombs. These traditional items can clog your filters, wreak havoc on your water chemistry, and leave you with a foamy layer floating on top of your water.

To enhance your evening soak with these products, be sure to use ones that are specifically designed for spas.

Many hot tub shops will carry effective, spa-safe aromatherapy items in a wide variety of scents. Using these items will help ensure you can soak up the aromatherapy benefits as the jets massage your aching muscles without worrying about damaging your spa.

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Whether you’re throwing an exciting hot tub party or simply want to amplify your spa session with your favorite playlist, adding a waterproof speaker can be a powerful addition.

These speakers come in various forms, with some even being designed to float on top of the water to carry the beat around your hot tub.

Others come with special attachments for you to hang them off something, making it easy to secure them to your privacy screens, gazebo, or side of your hot tub.

Outdoor Lights

Lighting up your hot tub can have more benefits than simply adding some sparkle to your evening soak.

Including colored light options can enhance your spa experience, inducing comforting, relaxing, or even energizing vibes.

Chromotherapy has been shown to have impressive effects on your emotional state. Pairing the right color with what you want to experience during your time under the water can help you find the emotional well-being you’ve been searching for.

Some of the common chromotherapy options include:

  • Green to help calm your mind and reduce anxiety
  • Blue or purple to minimize daily stress
  • Yellow to boost your mood
  • White to help bring you clarity
  • Orange to energize you

Bar Table or Floating Drink Holder

Stay refreshed during your daily soak with a floating bar table or cup holders.

While many hot tubs offer small shelves, they aren’t always accessible from the seat you’re relaxing in. By including floating cup holders, your drink of choice will be able to float along the surface, staying cool while always being within reach.

These floating tables and cup holders come in various styles, with some being more whimsical than others.

Love hosting theme parties? Consider finding some unique holders that suit your favorite themes. Prefer something more low-key and elegant? Opt for something with neutral colors.

Water Weights

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your workout routine, adding some hot tub exercises into your daily soak can be a great strategy.

Water weights are a powerful way to include some low-intensity weight training while you’re in the water, giving you a supportive environment to protect your joints as you move through each exercise.

These weights are also a great way to increase the resistance you experience during your traditional workout. As you move the weights, you’ll fight against the water, making it more difficult to lift them. Make this even harder by turning up the jets and lifting them against the powerful flow of water.

If you’re suffering from an injury, adding some gentle exercises into your regular spa session can help loosen up stiff muscles and support your joints as you move through a gentle workout. This can help improve your recovery and minimize the risk of reinjuring yourself.

Best Hot Tub and Hot Tub Accessories in Maryland

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