Danube W-Flow

Wellis® Swim Spa

Suitable For Professional Swimmers And Beginners

Thanks to the several training sessions Danube W-Flow is suitable for professional swimmers and beginners too. You can experience endless swimming with this new fitness machine. It’s like having your own coach to watch over you. The training session can be customized by setting flow intensities, durations, and color indicators. Before choosing a training drill, we recommend adjusting the parameters. Touch the settings icon on the right icon wheel. From there, you can access 6 different parameters.

In a traditional swim spa, the user has to switch on/off the pumps manually for finding the proper water flow which fits their fitness level. The Danube swim spa is equipped with brand-new swim software. The user can choose six-speed levels from the slowest, most comfortable “floating” to the hardest exercise. Similarly to a modern treadmill, you can predefine the swimming speeds one after another, so you can insert slower stages between the swimming sprints. The flow rate can be adjusted 0.4-2.5 km / h.

danube w-flow top view

Seating Capacity

3 People


178" × 93" × 58"

Filled Weight

5913 lbs / 1047 kg

Spa Jets

24 Jets

The Danube W-Flow Specifications

Seating Capacity: 3
Lounge: No
Seating Options: Open
Dimensions: 178" × 93" × 58"
Filled Weight: 5913 lbs / 1047 kg
Water Purification System: UV-C Water Sanitization
Filtration: 2 pcs antbacterial paper filters
Primary Pump: 1 pc 3 HP single speed
Secondary Pump: 3 x 3 HP 2 speed
Circulation Pump: Yes
Electrical: 1×60A 230V/50Hz
danube w-flow top view

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