Monte Rosa

Wellis® Hot Tub

6 Person Spa in the PeakLine Collection

The Monte Rosa spa has all the features required of a premium category spa: the MyMusic™ sound system, SmartPhone application with WiFi connection, 3 pcs 3 horsepower massage pumps, 3 pcs MicroPlus paper filters, and aromatic therapy.

monte rosa top view

Seating Capacity

6 People


91" × 91" × 37"

Filled Weight

396 lbs / 904 kg

Spa Jets

64 Jets

The Monte Rosa Specifications

Seating Capacity: 6
Lounge: Yes
Seating Options: Lounge
Dimensions: 91" × 91" × 37"
Filled Weight: 396 lbs / 904 kg
Water Purification System: UV-C Water Sanitization
Filtration: 3 pcs MicroPlus paper filter
Primary Pump: 3 pcs 3 HP single speed
Secondary Pump: N/A
Circulation Pump: Yes
Electrical: 240V 60Hz 48A

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