The Need For Professional Pool Service – 7 Top Benefits

Whether you enjoy using your pool for memorable summer parties or love starting your day with some aquatic cardio, there are ample benefits to soak up.

One of the biggest topics when it comes to pools is maintenance.

Keeping your pool clean and safe to enjoy takes work, and the reality is that not everyone has the time to provide the care needed.

Does that mean these people shouldn’t be able to enjoy the luxury of having a pool in their backyard?

Absolutely not!

Pool maintenance can take many forms, one of which is professional pool service.

Are you curious about what’s included in professional service and how it can help you and your pool? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’re going to explore everything you need to know about professional pool service and why it’s making a splash in backyards across the country!

What Happens if You Neglect Your Pool Maintenance?

Before we jump into all the benefits professional pool service offers, it’s important to understand why maintenance is so important in the first place.

Your pool water is constantly exposed to contaminants and is subject to the influence of the outdoor elements. Through storms and bright sunshine, it faces it all.

Without the proper care, not only could you wind up with a dirty unwelcoming pool, but water that’s physically harming your liner and plumbing!

That’s right. Your water quality can actually result in damage throughout your system, such as corrosion or scale build-up.

Some other common issues that can occur if your pool isn’t receiving the proper care include:

  • Algae
  • Cloudy or murky water
  • An abundance of bacteria
  • Equipment failure
  • Eye and skin irritation

Ultimately, your pool maintenance keeps your system in good condition and your water safe to swim in.

professional pool service

7 Amazing Benefits of Professional Pool Service

Now that we know why pool maintenance is so crucial, let’s explore some of the long-coveted benefits of professional pool service.

1. Less Time Cleaning – More Time Swimming

Easily one of the first benefits that comes to mind, the reduced workload to care for your pool packs a punch.

Over the last couple of decades, people’s schedules have only gotten more and more full, overflowing with a to-do list that never seems to shrink.

By working with a professional pool service team, you can refocus your attention on more important factors, like much-needed quality time with your family, without neglecting your pool.

Best of all, this can actually help increase your overall enjoyment of your pool simply by reducing the work it demands from you!

2. Save Money

Pools are an investment and, unfortunately, require ongoing care to maintain their basic functions.

Without this care, you risk running into costly issues in the future. What’s more, is that if poor care continues, these issues often occur far more frequently, costing even more money.

By using a pool service, you can help your system stay in prime condition, while also saving money on the various pool supplies you would need to maintain it yourself.

Furthermore, with expert inspections, your service technicians are much more likely to catch signs of concerning issues early.

This can also save you money by simply reducing the amount of damage an issue can cause if it’s overlooked.

3. Clean and Safe Water

Maintaining a safe pool is a precise balancing act, and takes a bit of know-how. A significant part of this is your water chemistry.

While you certainly could quickly test and treat your water, leaving it to the professionals can give you peace of mind that your water is perfectly balanced and safe to enjoy.

Ideally, your water chemistry should be as follows:

pH: between 7.4 and 7.6

Alkalinity: between 100 and 150 ppm

Pool sanitizer is also important, but the levels you’ll be looking for will vary based on which type you use.

For chlorine, you’ll want to maintain a level of 3 ppm, never going over. However, if you’re using bromine, you’ll want to maintain a range of 3 and 5 ppm.

Alternatively, if you have a chlorine-free pool and are using biguanide, you’ll want to keep your levels between 30 and 50 ppm.

4. A Safer Backyard

One of the main concerns for parents or pet owners with pools is the extra chemicals they have to store.

With professional pool service, you don’t need to worry about that!

Your technicians will bring everything they need to treat your water, ensuring you never have to worry about finding a safe place to store your water treatment products.

5. Maximized Pool Lifespan

As we mentioned above, your pool is an investment and should last for many years to come. However, with a poor maintenance routine, you risk your pool degrading faster than expected.

Having professionals maintain your pool for you is a great way to ensure it stays in good condition and isn’t unnecessarily damaged over the years.

6. Confidence in Well-Rounded Pool Care

There’s nothing quite like the knowledge that your investment is being cared for by talented, trained professionals.

Pool maintenance can be a point of stress for many, especially if you’re a first-time owner trying your best to take great care of your pool.

Professional service can help take the stress off, and is a powerful way to learn how to expertly care for your pool simply by watching the professionals as they work.

7. Effortless Pool Ownership

Whether you simply don’t have the time to properly care for your pool, or you want your focus to be on enjoying your pool, professional service makes pool ownership completely effortless.

No longer will you need to set aside time on the weekends to vacuum your pool, or step outside after dinner to test and treat your water.

Instead, you can go about your day-to-day routines without adding yet another task to your to-do list!

Can You Hire A Professional Pool Service to Open or Close Your Pool?

This is easily one of the biggest jobs pool owners face, and with pool season only lasting so long, it’s often one aspect that causes hesitation for those considering investing in a pool.

Luckily, you can simply schedule for the professionals to come and do it for you!

They’ll have all the chemicals and tools they need to easily prepare your pool for the upcoming season, and take the worry out of this complex job!

What Else Is Included in Professional Pool Service?

Professional service can tackle a range of tasks, giving you complete control over how much support you and your pool require.

If you’re someone who enjoys caring for your pool day to day but are hesitant to open or close it, you can choose to include professional service only for those jobs.

However, if you need a full-service solution, you can have your technicians take over your regular care routine as well.

What you include is up to you, and finding a pool service provider that offers the range you need will be an important part of the process of finding your team.

Some common services professionals offer may include:

  • Opening and closing your pool
  • Testing and treating your water
  • Routine inspections
  • Cleaning your pool
  • Servicing and repairing parts

As you look for your service provider, consider what you’ll need from them and verify they offer the services you’ll need.

Professional Pool Service in Edgewater, MD

Are you looking for a way to make caring for your pool a simpler process? Professional pool service can go a long way in relieving the stress that can come with pool ownership.

Pools should bring endless enjoyment, and refreshing relaxation, certainly not stress or frustration.

If you’re ready to embrace effortless pool care, or simply want some support caring for your pool throughout the season, the experts at Arundel Pool and Spa are your one-stop-shop!

Contact our team today to explore your options and reclaim your free time!



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