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At Arundel Pool and Spa, we are committed to offering our customers top-quality products at prices that fit comfortably into most budgets. Our hot tubs range from modest hot tubs perfect for a small backyard space or occasional soaker, and expansive budgets to equip the backyard enthusiast with a luxury spa that meets their every need. No matter your needs or budget, our team of experts at our Edgewater hot tub store are here to help.

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As you plan for your hot tub purchase, you may want to consider your budget. While both short and long-term budgets have their different costs associated, the price of the hot tub is one that should stand out from the rest. While everyone is working with a different budget, the amount that you spend on your hot tub can greatly impact your spa experience for years to come. Opting for a low-cost or budget spa can lead to costly repairs, impacted longevity and can also make it harder to find a reputable service technician to care for your spa, as parts, warranties and lesser-known brands can be more difficult to work with.


  • Taking the time to plan, research and budget for a high-quality spa can offer many benefits, most that pay off for years to come.
  • Well-known, reputable brands are often crafted with quality materials that promote longevity and durability
  • Modern features that can contribute to an overall improved hydrotherapy experience
  • Reliable aftercare that can service, clean and repair your hot tub for years to come